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Radio Obligato Records has so far released seven pieces of 7" vinyl. There are still copies available of all releases.

  • Makeouts

    All About You / I Can't Help Myself

    A-side is a catchy stomper and a bit different from their earlier stuff. B deals with collecting records and has a more familiar Makeouts tone. Both kills!
    ROR 007. 300 copies on black vinyl.

  • Deliverance Brothers

    Stab You In The Back / It Won't Be Long

    First vinyl from this new project by Kalle and Jocke of the late Swedish garage punk band The Manikins; a long time household name here at the HQ. This is different, but not surprisingly, and not only since we released it, highly recommended music.
    ROR 006. 300 copies on black vinyl.

  • The Ziphs

    Thinking About You / The Sun

    First release for this great Stockholm act consisting of two boys and a girl named Andreas, Mats and Sanna. They've opened up shows for most great acts you can think of (Box Elders, LiveFastDie and Jay Reatard to name a few). Timeless and original stuff!
    ROR 005. 250 copies on black vinyl.

  • Madamm

    You've Lost Me / Harbour Boogie

    Record label owner says it's hard to label the music but if he tried it would be something like poppy garage rock. You know you can trust his taste and Helena Roos' awesome drawing on the cover will satisfy your art needs so send your order now!
    ROR 004. 500 copies on black vinyl.

  • Makeouts

    Street Tonight / Still Love You

    Two songs recorded just before their 2007 Euro Tour. As usual ROR packs equal greatness on both sides.
    ROR 003. 500 copies on black vinyl.

  • The Nagz

    Wrong Direction / Breaking Point

    Their first release. Two awesome catchy powerpop tracks you can listen to over and over and over again. They are from Sweden and based in Stockholm.
    ROR 002. 500 copies on black vinyl.

  • M.O.T.O.

    Blast Of Silence EP

    Released together with Savage Records.
    ROR 001/SAV7016. 500 copies on black vinyl.

Unfortunately shipping from Sweden is very expensive.
Here are the prices including shipping if you order from here:

Order Within Sweden Worldwide
One record 50 SEK 7 EUR
Pack of three 130 SEK 19 EUR

E-mail jk at radioobligato dot com to order or to get prices for other deals.

You can pay using cash or PayPal (jk at radioobligato dot com).
There is a Swedish PG-account or bank account that you can transfer to as well.

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In the spirit of the Radio Obligato internet radio show that was around for all of the 00-decade. Old rock, powerpop, punk and related as convenient Spotify playlists.

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